Mc Lenni the man known as The Highlander (there can only be one), one of the first Mc’s on the scene and certainly Birminghams first Mc started out in 1989 has forged an impressive career in the dance music industry spanning across the last two decades, and beyond, even working on rave documentaries with the BBC and MTV.

Lenni has graced many stages, and made them his own during  this time knowing exactly what to do and when to do it, with a unique rolling style that simply controls the crowd and embarks them on their own musical journey, as Lenni himself says “It becomes spiritual”.

Taking events including Fantazia, Starlight, Pandemonium, Quest and Flashback by storm performing alongside artists considered the cream of the rave scene including Sasha, Carl Cox, Fabio and Grooverider, Micky Finn and Kenny Ken to name but a few. Lenni still continues this tradition today and anyone who attends the current Fantazia events and Flashback Reunions will testify to this.

His jouneys have taken him overseas to Japan, Canada, America, Spain, Germany and beyond showcasing his talents to the world. Also turning his hand to promoting Lenni owns both the legendary Starlight brand and M.I.A, again showing his versatility and ambition.


“You are my crowd, I own you” as he famously said to the massive 30,000 strong crowd in 1992 at Fantazia’s “One Step beyond” at Castle Donnington.


Responsible for bringing Bassman and Ranski into the Mc’i

ng game, he still works tirelessly to give up and coming artists opportunities to showcase their talents, most recently, his ‘Proper Talented Dj’s project giving exposure and hope to the next generation of rave artists, many of whom are to young to have experienced what many of us did when the rave scene exploded.


Lenni has been an influential part of the rave scene, particularly in Birmingham, helping to nurture the original early 90′s rave sound through its stages of Breakbeat and Jungle and into the more current Drum n Bass.


Lenni’s Pure Records in Digbeth was the first and one of the very few underground record stores in Birmingham during the early 90′s selling underground Hardcore music at the time, veering well away from the commercial mainstream music found on the high street.

Away from the shop Lenni’s musical roots shone through, his raw talents as a musician allowed him to produce ‘AJD’ on Rough Tone Records which was played by Top Buzz throughout 1992, who says Mc’s cant produce music ??

As a musician from an early age Lenni played his first concert at the tender age of 8, with his primary instrument being the bass, also finding himself equally at home playing keys. Having worked alongside Earl Falkener the bass player of UB40 fame, Bitty Maclean,  renowned trumpet player Patrick Tenue for Roughtone recordings, William Orbi who wrote “ray of light” for Madonna, The Prodigy and Miles Davies.


It is fair to say Lenni has devoted the last, 25 years, of his life to the rave scene, not only as a time served and much respected artist, producer, record store owner and businessman, but also for remaining at the top of his game throughout, providing inspiration to so many along the way. Is Lenni’s journey complete?? You get the feeling speaking to him that maybe its just begun.

A true gentleman and professional.