Mc Major Ranks was born in Nottingham city and started controlling the microphone at the tender age of 11..The son of a Jamaican father he was heavily influenced by the Jamaican Reggae Sounds and MC’s such as ‘Yellow Man’..’Eek a Mouse’ and ‘Admiral Bailey’ as well as the UK Sound Systems such as ‘Saxon Sound’ and there MC’s including ‘Tippa Irie’ and ‘Smiley Culture’..

Aged 12 he was a founding member of ‘Emperor Sound System’ with a group of friends in Nottingham and was soon MC’n at Dances and parties all over the East Midlands with great success..Aged 18 he left his hometown of Nottingham and moved to London where he joined ‘Clifton Hi Fi’ Sound System playing a 7 night a week residency at London 4 Aces Night Club which later became the Home of the Legendary Labyrinth Brand..

After the Birth of his first Daughter he took a few years out from the scene to concentrate on his Family but the draw of the Music was always there and it wasn’t long before he was back on the Mic and making a name for himself on the DnB/Jungle/Rave Scene..

Now in 2014 the list of Events and Headline DJ’s he has worked with/at is impressive.He has hosted DJ’s including: Fabio and Grooverider..Brockie..Kenny Ken..Jumping Jack Frost..Sy..Slipmatt..Sly..Majistrate..Uncle Dugz..Cocooma..Ellis Dee..Mellow D..Tango and Ratty..Nicky Blackmarket..Fallout..Shock C..Double O..Kenny Sharp to name a few and across all Rave Music Genres with his versatile Style and has worked at events up and down the country including Glastonbury Festival..Notting Hill Carnival (with Disco Hustlers Sound System)..Fantazia (where he has become a Resident)..Retro Trax..Fever..Encapsulated Energy..Uprising..Euphoria..Rebirth..Oldskool House and many many more besides..As well as having a monthly Show on London’s leading pirate Radio Station Flex FM with DJ Milky its fair to say he’s a busy man who never fails to hype up the crowd with his honest,genuine approach to the scene and the people within it alike..MC Major Ranks describes himself as a Raver first and a MC second and its this approach that has seen him go from strength to strength and make friends up and down the UK..