Mandy Edge is a singer/songwriter from the U.K who now has a global following and fan base of over 3 million people following the success of the hit anthem “See the light” which she co wrote with EDM producer/writer Stuart Conner from the band “Paradise”. Mandy started off at the Royal Northern College Of Music studying percussion and vocals and went on to become a solo artist hitting the USA and Europe with her then chilled rock/blues music. Coming back to the UK she worked as a vocal coach for Granada on “Soap star superstar” among others and carried on working towards a record deal.
Mandy made a complete change in 2000 when she began to advertise herself as a session singer/writer after listening to Pete Tong and decided that the dance scene was the way to go. Mandy started writing and recording for a house label who released one of her songs called “Don’t change” which became a huge success in the house scene and appeared on many compilations.
Mandy became signed with “Paradise” to an independent label called Turbulence records and All around the world who are now part of Universal records. They toured Britain and Europe and made a big name for themselves, the song is now a huge Old Skool classic. Mandy met producer Dj Demand and worked with him on various projects until Mike De Scala aka Dj Recon was introduced to the project and decided to work together. From this “Like a rainbow” was born following “Sorry” which began as a chilled Adele style track which Mandy had penned earlier, later becoming a huge H.T.ID track. They released an album called “Reasons” on i tunes which became an instant success.
Mandy is now an internationally recognised Hardcore artist and packs out clubs with her powerful P.A’s, her voice is strong, unique and stands out from the rest with her vocals instantly recognisable and a stage presence that’s second to none… Give your event “The Edge”.