Mc Energy was born on the South Coast and on a seemingly constant journey North during his younger years due to his fathers work and ended up in the Northern market town of Chorley in Lancashire. During his early teens he had a love of Hip-Hop from Stateside rappers such as Eric B and Rakim, Stetsasonic and Public Enemy. Then came the word of massive raves in warehouses and farmers fields in the local area now known as the Blackburn Raves, still at school and to young to attend these events Alex and his friends would listen to mix tapes recorded live from these parties and hear stories from older brothers and friends.

It was nearing the end of 1993 when the first opportunity to experience a rave came about and he travelled with a group of friends down the M6 to Club Kinetic in Stoke On Trent, within minutes the pure electricity and atmosphere from the crowd had him hooked, taking the journey south to Kinetic on a weekly basis.

MC ENERGYHis love of the rave sound soon found him emulating Mc’s on mix tapes and creating his own lyrics which he would chat over whilst driving to work in his car and at friends houses. Then he met Mc Ranger T, Stixman and Mc Magika who had been Mc’ing together at Kinetic, they became friends and began travelling together to events across the UK together including Helter Skelter, Dance Planet and Dreamscape, Occasionally giving Energy the mic and letting him chat.

His first break at his favourite venue came in 1995 after pestering Andy Johnson at Club Kinetic for several weeks until he finally buckled and took Energy into the Dj box for a 5 minute session on the mic with Bass Generator, then regularly being allowed sessions in The Rig room working alongside Dj Sten, Redline and other regulars It wasn’t until late 1995 that he really started getting booked for gigs with the first coming at Bohemia weekender at Pontins in Morecambe for Rob Tissera performing with a host of high rollers including Slipmatt, Easygroove and Demand. From there on regular bookings kept coming with gigs at Bowlers in Manchester as a resident at Asylum,

Zig Zags in Worcester and so his journey begun. Several magazines including Dream mag interviewed Energy increasing awareness of his talents and bookings exploded.

During 1999 Energy who had since moved to Stoke on Trent decided with his friend Barny to inject some life into the scene which had splintered into many genres by holding an Old Skool event at The Void (home of the legendary Golden events), a small but eager crowd attended and a second event was planned. Unfortunately the second event didn’t go to plan and Energy’s partner decided to move on leaving him with the decision whether to carry on or call it a day. Not one to roll over and admit defeat the decision to move to a smaller venue in Stoke called club Metz was made with a monthly club night held in partnership with new found friend and fellow promoter David Beattie from Rebirth named The Concept Club. After 6 months the nights were surviving with small but well up for it crowds in attendance, when Dave decided to move on and hold Breaks events.

The next event was a solo project as illusion under the “Shelleys Reunion” name with a return of Staffordshire legends Altern 8 headlining and Front magazine in the house to review the event, 600 in the club and 200 turned away….Game on.

Building the illusion brand with succesfull events at The Void and Keele university up until 2006 when he decided to take a break to spend more time with wife Stacey and his then young children.

Prior to this break bookings were coming from all angles, working regularly for Die Hard, Absolute Old skool, Uproar, Dreamscape and Bowlers.

In 2011 he was given an opportunity to head a series of Fantazia events in England after friend Rod NRG put him in touch with Charles Perkins.

MC ENERGYThe rest as they say is history as he continues to promote major events across the UK with partner Stacey.

His Mc bookings this year alone include the huge 20,000 people Dreamscape festival at the M.K Bowl, Xstatic Festival, Together Festival and Rezerection.. Not taking to many bookings on but preferring to pick and choose as to leave spare time for home life.

“Controlling the crowd and keeping it loud”.