Mudfoot Blaps has been spinning wax since 92, after falling in love with breakbeat rave and heavy basslines, he has followed the progression of the break closely, even leading the way up North sometimes!

By 1996 Mudfoot (then DJ Sandy) joined the OCP collective with Hidden Agenda (Metalheadz) and DJ Seven (Reinforced Records) rollin’ the D’n’B vibe to a blossoming Newcastle upon Tyne scene and performing alongside DJs Grooverider, Ed Rush and many others.

Never content to stick with one sound, the eclectic DJ continued to explore new bass and breaks sounds, launching his own Sherbet Dip events at the legendary (and sadly missed) Riverside venue in Newcastle, blending all styles from house to hip hop and providing the perfect platform to showcase local talent like Raj Pannu (ninja tune).blaps3

In 2000 Mudfoot joined the Kiss Fm family as resident DJ for the Peach events, rollin’ a selection of broken beats and uk garage. During this time he began working alongside the likes of Oris Jay, Zed Bias, J da Flex and many others and became a key exponent of the early Dubstep scene.

Representing the Ammunation collective up North, Mudfoot began as series of highly successful events called Method Lounge with London DJ Paddy Freeform (Universal Vibes), again flowing with eclecticism and featuring the likes of Markus Intalex, Landslide and the UnaBombers.

In 2005 Mudfoot co-formed the Ghetto Method Collective (GMC) with DJ D.A.V.E. and returned to two of his early loves… old skool rave and graffiti!

Mudfoot never stopped playing the rave vibez, and is well respected up North as one of the old skool, rollin’ selections out at all the big raves. The GMC crew has expanded and Mudfoot can be caught rockin’ a party with the Berlin family in Germany and even as far away as Brazil. As happy with a spraycan in his hand, Mudfoot is sure to leave his mark!!

The GMC music label and radio station was set up in 2007 and Mudfoot hosts the weekly Dubtronic and monthly TruOldSkool shows. Volume 4 of the Dubtronic album series is due for release in 2014 and previous EPs have included Subnote, Tokyo Acid Crew, Mark Archer (Altern8) and Mr Bird.

In 2012 Mudfoot met Alex Energy and was invited to play and paint at the Two Steps Beyond event, Mudfoot described getting to play the Fantazia main stage in front of the world’s most enthusiastic ravers as “one of his proudest moments”.

Since then he has become a regular feature at the Fantazia events.