Dj Ramjack started out as part of Reggae sound system ‘Countryman’ in the late 80′s and went on to spin vinyl in local nightclubs where he was approached to mix Reggae, Soul, Hip-Hop and finally into the rave scene which at that time kicked off massively nationwide, playing underground parties in the South West including Brainstorm, Bedlam, Exodus and Spiral Tribe.

In 1992 the criminal justice bill came into effect after a huge free party at Castle Morton caused uproar, roads became blocked and tens of thousands of revellers continued partying in the hills for days on end creating mayhem. The void was filled by a new wave of promoters such as Universe, Fantazia and Perception amongst others, taking the rave scene mainstream, massive licensed events across the UK became a regular occasion with Mark travelling across the country after gigs to play at the few free parties that continued, he was very militant at the time and had crews of at least 10 cars from towns and cities all across the South West and South Wales travelling with him in a convoy of 50 to 100 vehicles. In the mid nineties the scene started to break up into different genres and Jungle music was born giving a format of music he loved in it’s raw form. Ramjack was one of the first Djs to play at the legal late night clubs in Swansea, Coventry, Bristol, Yate, Plymouth, London and Manchester amongst others.

He started making his own tunes with a Dj known as Orca a.k.a Darren Kosheen.

When Drum & Bass started to grip the nation Ramjack was playing out regularly again alongside the likes of Krust, Nicky Blackmarket, Grooverider and Fabio as well as bookings coming from over seas on a regular basis.

Ramjack was with Jungle Rock from 1994 to 1997 which was held at the  Malcolm X Centre in St Pauls, Bristol, playing with the Full Cycle crew headed by Roni Size.

Releases on Rinseproof Records include a massive track he produced with Suv and Flash feat Hannah entitled ‘Save Me’. In 1998 Ramjack was one of the founding members of ‘Drive By’ a hugely successful club night in Bristol which he was resident as well as promoter.

During 2004 Ramjack took on ventures to Europe and Asia playing at the Full Moon parties in Thailand for a few months every year and continues performing there to this day as well as festivals all around Europe. Currently in the UK Ramjack is enjoying bookings with Fantazia, Luv Vibez, Boom Town Festival, Badd Bass, St Pauls carnival & many more, bringing his unique style and proving himself as ‘The people’s Dj’.

Since 2010 Ramjack has co managed Headrush online radio, as well as having regular sets on Global, Origin and 2bad4yu. His successful Drum & Grace show has been running now for over a year, he is also signed to Yardrock, Rancid, Nu Urban & Easy Rollers record labels.

A man on a relentless mission and a journey that sees no end….Ramjack