From way back, when Scotty was a wee little nipper, coming from a dual heritage family of Amature Musicians, Vocalists and a Dj, Scotty started out playing the guitar & drums, from the age of 8 up untill around the age of 13, having had enough of being drugged with the Beach Boys n Pink Floyd, Scotty fell for Reggae Music and loved the heavy weight Bass lines!! that was it for the little lad, he started spending all his time in his Mams back yard building speaker boxes & amps that made you shake & rumble the ground you walked on, getting bigger and heavier as they went on. Going into 82/83 thru to 88 smashing up Reggae dancehalls from an early age, competing against Bristol/London/Birmingham and the South Coasts heavyweight sound kru’s, earning Scotty a good rep among Jamaican & UK Sound Systems, Scotty carried on for a number of years untill dance music was born! Scotty

Well not so much born but introduced to Scotty namely “Oldskool 88/89″ from there on there was no stopping this turntable terroriser, if there was a weekend in your life you can bet Scotty n his sound partner Vin E Von Visa was stringing up their Urbanfront systems in tunnels, farm yards, tips, beaches, anywhere they could get a crowd bouncing, later on playing for some of the biggest promotors and event organisors in the world & travelling to many countrys, Scotty became a well known Dj thru the Oldskool n Hardcore days, then came the record shops and recording studio’s, starting with one of Bristols finest shop/studio’s was BS1 Records who together with Dougy D (ftp radio) and Jay Walsh (usp) ran for a year or 2, but with BS1 Records (stokes croft) now going towards the clothing market, Scotty and Walshy decided to open USP Records (campbell st) This ran for a while up untill the Famous Chemical Records dropped a big block of warehouse in central Bristol, cuttin all the small independent Record shops to pieces, so Scotty decided to carry on smashing up the dancehalls as always, right up till today where you will still find Scotty terrorising the Jungle/DnB Scene with his Dirty Ragga Jungle Dub Plates.. not forgetting His Kruxial Reggae/Ragga/Bashment Sets…


Now with the birth of Universal Soul Productions & Publishing the force can only get stronger, for the future is bright and it aint Orange!!