Tony Jay has been passionate about his music since the age of 14. After being  mesmerised by the sounds of hip hop DJs scratching and beat matching over tracks  he knew that he wanted to be part of it.

This passion for music  eventually led him to what was then a new sound called “RAVE” and after sneaking  off to events at an age where he should have been in doing his homework he would  spend hours watching how all the top name DJs mixed their tracks. After years of  watching he eventually got enough money together to buy some turntables of his  own and after a lot of hard practice, and a little bit of fortune, managed to  get a few gigs and was soon playing Happy Hardcore and Drum & Bass under the name of DJ Dilemma.Tony Jay

Over a short period of time Tony found himself  playing at venues all over the country for promoters such as Helter Skelter,  Dreamscape, Pandemonium, Diehard, Kinetic and Illusion to name just a few. This is where Tony Mastered his trade. However, after  spending many years DJing on the hardcore scene, Tony eventually decided that it  was time to hang up his hardcore headphones and made the move into the Trance  and Hard House sound. After the Millennium he started co-promoting an event called Immortal, in conjunction with Pentacle Promotions. Here Tony was hosting and DJing alongside artists like Andy Farley, Lisa Lashes, The Tidy Boys, BK, Nick Sentience, Paul Glazby, Paul Kershaw and Rob Tissera.

After much demand for his services Tony decided it was time to  start putting his talents to other styles and started playing House. This is where  things really took off as within a few months of making the change he had secured residencies for legendary brands like Discretion @ Hush, Ultimate Freedom @ The Steering  Wheel, Oral Underground @ The Ministry Bar, Blue @ Subway City, Arca bar, Sobar  and was also hosting weekly radio shows on Birmingham’s pirate station Mix  FM.

These days Tony is quoted as saying “I play good quality Music  in any shape or form. There are so many styles in my collection that it is  difficult to categorise myself into any specific genre.”

So whenever you hear  him play you are always guaranteed to get something different. He is a versatile  DJ that prides himself on being able to play what’s needed at the right time. He believes that reading the crowd is an essential part of DJ’ing and doesn’t just want to be known for playing all the newest tracks first. He wants every Clubber to leave remembering something about his set that took them  back to their own early days of clubbing. Tony JayGiving the new generation of clubbers a feel for where it all started, as well as letting everyone know which way it is heading.

Tony is still a very in demand Dj. With his residencies for Fantazia, Koncept Dj’s, IF @ Bushwackers and Hoochy Koochy (for whom he also hosts a weekly radio show on Birmingham’s Silk City FM) and also now starting work under his new alias of ‘Zipdup’ you can understand why he is one guy that is a regular on many line ups.