Much more famous for their sets at raves in the early 90′s. Top Buzz were fronted Mad P who would spit out ragga rhymes and had two dj’s (though not always at the same time). They would always play the most underground tunes, very dark too. “Are you really ready for some Jungle Tekno”.

With this realm of experience, producing a record was a natural progression for Jason and he went on to do so with great success. “Living in Darkness” (Basement Records) was conceived in 1992 and went on to top the dance charts for several weeks resulting in it achieving in excess of 14,000 sales and becoming the biggest selling underground dance track for that year. The track was also licensed to major compilations including releases from Fantazia (First Taste) and Radio 1.

TOP BUZZTop Buzz shocked crowds with their upfront, driving music for half a decade, and looked set to do so for a long time
Jason’s already high reputation escalated and the offers came pouring in resulting in a remix of The Prodigy’s “Weather Experience” (part of their “Fire EP”) which achieved a top 10 national chart position in 1993. Jason’s love of the Underground House & Garage scene has been in his blood since the early days and his 15,000 strong (at last count!) record collection features a host of sought after classics.

His progression to playing the mellower sounds of House & Garage in late 1993 seemed inevitable as the jungle scene mutated and diversified. Since this transition Jason has continued his consistent success and has given his Midas touch to various projects.

His recently formed record label ‘Social Circles’, partnered with producer Steve Gurley and Russell Tait, is one success project which has already left its mark on the UK Garage scene with a constant catalogue of quality tunes, including “Baby You Make My Heart Sing”, “I’m Missing” and “The Message”, with a series of killer tracks to follow.