Trans4mers Dj’s are Dj Hilite a.k.a David Beattie / Scott Eastman a.k.a Dj Form.
Dave has been involved in the music scene for 20 Years. He started out as semi-pro dancer for Bass-X,dancing at all the big rave events including World Dance in Kent to Rezerection in Scotland. He was a regular on stage at Kinetic & Pandemonium and got to know the Dj’s & promoters well. In 1994 Dave and his friend Stacey started hosting their Euphoria nights at the legendary Institute in Birmingham city centre, it was an instant hit bringing the first true weekly Jungle club to the city and kick starting Digbeth’s vibrant music scene. Euphoria went on to host some huge events around the UK in major cities from Bristol to Birmingham. Between 1998 and 2001 Dave and Damian (Dj Bionics, Euphoria resident) started playing and promoting free parties in and around south Shropshire.

Trans4mersDave then started up Rebirth which was held in the old Dielectric club in Leicester which was previously home to the legendary Die hard happy hardcore nights, after 3 sell out events there Dave became friends with Alex Mc Energy from Stoke on Trent who was at that time heading the illusion brand with successful nights at The void, home of Golden in Stoke. Alex & Dave started promoting monthly club events under the name The Concept Club at Club Metz in Newcastle under Lyme. After a few succesful small events together Dave decided to push in a new direction and went on to play at Planet Of The Breaks in Shrewsbury (the UK’S Biggest and most well known Breaks event) and after gaining a resident slot met Scott Eastman (Dj Form) a young media studies, music production student and tech nerd Dj from Telford that was into fat funky breaks, scratching and Skateboarding and so the Trans4mers were born……

Trans4mers are 2 dj’s on 4 decks, laptops & a 404 sampler. Expect a live set of remixing anything from New Skool Breaks to dark Dubstep from retro Electro to 80′s Hip Hop from cutting edge turntablist beats to classic rave music. A mash up set filled with film samples & Scratching designed to show live remixes of classic tunes with modern and forward thinking dance floor bassline twists.
Trans4mers started back in 2004 and has grown from a couple of guys in their bedroom Dj’ing for a laugh to Shropshire’s most respected party rockers.
During late 2009 they started to get interest from promoters in both Shrewsbury and Birmingham and by Jan 2010 it was clear to them that Trans4mers were being given that chance they had been working so very hard towards.

Both 2010 & 2011 has seen Trans4mers become the number 1 live Dj act to see in the midlands underground scene. Alex Energy has now taken over promotion of Fantazia events in the UK and Dave has reinvented both the Rebirth and Euphoria brands with the latter hosting Jungle and Drum n Bass arenas at Fantazia.

The future is bright for Trans4mers.

Jan 2010 – Trans4mers given resident slot for Planet Breaks.
Jan 2010 – Booked to play with No fakin dj’s – Planet Breaks 9th Birthday party.
Feb 2010 – Booked to play with Stick up kids – Planet Breaks meets Plastic Surgery.
March 2010 – Booked to support MELLE MEL / KURTIS BLOW & THE FURIOUS 5 – Planet Breaks.
May 2010 – Booked to play at the Guru charity event – Heducation – Birmingham.
June 2010 – Booked to play Heducation arena at the Summer prom – Birmingham.
June 2010 – Booked to support the WORLD DMC Shrewsbury heat – Planet Breaks / Heducation.
July 2010 – Booked to support JAGUAR SKILLS – Substance events.
August 2010 – Booked to play at the Little chill fest – Join the dots arena – Birmingham.
September 2010 – Holiday – 1 month off.
October 2010 – Booked to play Sector 7 dubstep night with Brotherhood of filth & Boogie dave.
November 2010 – Booked to play at the DROP BEATS NOT BOMBS event – Birmingham.
November 2010 – Booked to play at Planet Breaks – The Vaults Session (Scotts Birthday bash) Shrewsbury
December 2010 – Booked to play at Heducation / Planet Breaks Xmas party – Birmingham.

2011  (See Calendar for full details)
Feb 2011 – Booked to play Planet of the Breaks 10th Birthday party!
March 2011 – Booked to play Sector-7 – Shrewsbury
March 2011 – Started STYLE WARS radio show on Raiders of the Old skool.
April 2011 – Booked to play Planet Breaks at Fantazia – Stoke
May 2011 – Booked to play Ting, Rainbow warehouse – Birmingham
June 2011 – Booked to play Heducation – Birmingham
June 2011 – Booked to play Euphoria at Fantazia – Stoke
July 2011 – Ecstatic – Coventry
July 2011 – Bass Heaven Eden Telford
July 2011 – New Urban Era – Tamworth
July 2011 – Project Warehouse – Coventry
August 2011 – British B.Boy Championships – Northamption
August 2011 – Fantazia Bristol
September 2011 – Planet of the Breaks – Eden Telford
September 2011 – WaveForm Festival
September 2011 – Raiders of the old skool boat party
October 2011 – Fantazia @ Bowlers Manchester
October 2011 – Euphoria at Birmingham
December 2011 – Sumo 3rd Birthday Bash – Birmingham
December 2011 – Trans4mers Live on ManchestersTyneside Radio 103.6fm