“Raised on a diet of love-cabbages and grits, Vertigo’s folks knew he’d grow up, just not how much.
He displayed an early prodigious talent for dance music by constantly batting hell out of pots and pans with a hammer. He then spent a huge part of his formative years on motorways and in fields and warehouses, unfortunately this was years before the rave scene happened…. reminiscing, his dad said “…..the little bugger always found his way home..”…
If you do get the chance to see him, it’s an experience not to be missed, for loads of reasons, one of which is to watch him trying to fit in some of the dj boxes…
As regards the future, in a world full of glamour models turned DJ’s, he is seriously considering the reverse route, once he’s finished spreading the gospel.
Love is the message and the message is love. “