As his stage name suggests, there’s something a bit magical about the good work that DJ, Producer and Promoter Voodoo Junky does. Having now successfully conquered and made a more than fair contribution to all aspects of the underground dance music business at large, Voodoo’s story has seen him make the journey from raver to hit maker over a twenty year period; allowing him to arrive at a place on his career track that has had him creatively tick all the right boxes as party organiser, promoter, musician, venue manager, venue owner, DJ and recording artist.

Making waves firstly as a singer and songwriter, playing Guitar and performing vocals for his band ‘Cool Banana’ (who list Stone Henge as one of their many live performances), Voodoo continued to follow his old skool rave, house and techno roots supporting esteemed and established artists as Colin Dale, Mr C, Fabio, Eddie Richards, Frankie Valentine, Jon Pleased Wimmin and many more as a fan whilst running his own successful ‘Junkyard’ parties and live festivals on the South Coast of the UK where many of these artists would be booked. Most famously, these largely sold out events would be held in an old function room that housed a few hundred people in a venue at the back of an old Public House in Portsmouth entitled The Milton Arms.

Content with both the location and the vibe and atmosphere that the parties at this particular venue would create, Voodoo later formed The Portsmouth Coalition which would allow him to own and run the venue; convert the old function room into a two room state of the art nightclub with the very best club lighting, epic sound and modernised rave style staging areas and become the proprietor of what would later become the hottest ticket in town as a result, The Barn.

Since then, the venue has maintained an exceptional reputation UK wide for its unique take on becoming a popular alternative music venue with an early nineties rave feel to it. Some of electronic music’s most infamous promoters and globe-trotting artists have since flocked to organise events and headline there and still do, to this very day, with Voodoo in full control.

Allowing him to have a main stage platform in which to test his promoting mettle on a weekly basis, Voodoo became the mastermind behind some of the venues more infamous parties such as the continuation of ‘The Cool Banana Junkyard Show’ (which blends live music and every kind of electronic music under one roof) to the present block buster ‘Georgie Loves’ in which Voodoo’s greatest heroes such as Colin, Eddie, Dave Angel, Nathan Coles, Mr C, Darren Emerson, Terry Francis and artists of a similar calibre have now become regulars and in some cases – residents and firm friends. He also, to appeal to a wide variety of customers and build the perfect rave platform for a varied type of audience founded the drum and bass and jungle party ‘Fever’, the hard dance brand ‘Hard, Fast & Dirty’, World music event ‘Around The World’, psy trance shindig ‘Tribalistic’ and sell out upfront UK hardcore party ‘Total Barnage’, all of which are still pulling record numbers at the venue.

Naturally, the success of ‘Georgie Loves’ and being the owner of the establishment it is hosted in, brought with it an opportunity to continue sharpening his focus as a DJ. As the artists he so dearly loved had evolved their sounds over the last two decades, Voodoo too had acquired a taste for good, deep; tech led house and techno sounds as a DJ and built his sets as a performer and sound as a producer on this premise. Slowly but surely, this passion for good house music resonated throughout every set he played – mastering track selection, seamless beat matching and blending and with a sharp eye for crowd reading balanced out with a healthy love of a party giving him plenty of presence on stage; Voodoo Junky as a resident DJ started turning the heads of those very artists he had booked to headline.

Having now kept in the favour of and made an impression with promoters such as Wiggle, Fantazia, Obsession, In-Ter-Dance, Retro Trax Festival, Fusion, Pure Klass and many others of which he has repeat bookings; Voodoo’s DJ diary now sees him take his particular love of tech house and techno to a wider audience, whilst maintaining his residencies across the board at his very own venue which continues to sell out it’s parties week in, week out.

Naturally when making the leap to DJ and performer, the next stage of evolution is production. Having written music previously for his band and wanting for a number of years to produce his own style of well thought out tech led, deep and dark underground house, Voodoo teamed with Tank Edwards and cut his teeth on his first single ‘Talk 2 Frank’ which got a release on Tank’s mighty Planet Acetate label and scored well on Beatport chart sales, prompting Voodoo to set about working on his own home grown project, as a producer. His second eagerly awaited effort, ‘Pink Burgers’, is due for a release on the Dekoded House label, which he hopes to be the first of many signings with the label as he looks to produce a debut artist album during the course of 2014.

From owning and operating one of the most popular and most talked about venues in the South, playing host to the biggest international artists in dance music today, to organising, producing and promoting one of the hottest new house parties to break the UK scene and then furthermore writing and producing cutting edge underground tech house music and then performing said music on a nationwide scale at stages UK wide for the cream of British dance promoters; much as that may sound like a lot under his belt already – believe us when we tell you, Voodoo Junky is only just getting started…
Jon Brown, February 2014